Introducing: PCD Lifestyle Designs

Whether you’ve come here from the announcement post for more information/better pictures, or you’ve stumbled across this blog post from the get-go, we’ll keep the introduction on the shorter side. If you already read the mini-announcement in the server, this next part is a bit redundant, though.

We’re introducing a new overarching set of merch dubbed PCD Lifestyle Designs. With these collections, our goal is to provide aesthetically pleasing PAX Community Discord merch that can be worn in your day-to-day life without looking like a walking billboard. Right now, the plan is to drop a new mini collection seasonally. Each collection will take on a new theme, with several designs encompassing it. Before we go into any more details regarding how this will work going forward, let us introduce you to our first collection.

If you’re impatient and want to head right on over to the shop, you can click right here!

The Komyuniti Collection

Inspired by Asian streetwear (and a hint of retrowave), this new line up of designs mixes our original Paxter logo with these modern fashion design trends. In this first collection, we have three designs for you to choose from, dubbed GLITCH, TWENTY / TWENTY, and UNITY. All are available as shirts (TWENTY / TWENTY being offered in both white and black variants), with UNITY also being available in a pullover hoodie variant. You can check out all these designs right below!


All three of these designs (and their variants) are available now on our Bonfire page. Picking one up nets you some dope merch while also supporting us as a community, which helps us do more cool stuff at events (pins, panel prizes, etc). Oh yeah… that UNITY design is pretty dang intricate when you get up close and personal with it, so we figured we’d provide a better shot so you know what you’re getting into.

Before we head out, we want to give you a brief idea of how this new seasonal merch drop thing is going to work. Seasons happen quarterly (duh), so we’ll have new designs for you every 3 months or so. We plan to always release a season’s collection right before that season begins, that way you can rock your gear all Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn long. We will, however, leave designs up until the very end of a given season, which means for every drop except this one, there will be a week or two where you’ll have two collections worth of designs to choose from. Pretty cool if you ask us. Each collection will have three to four different designs (plus some variations here and there) to choose from. If this sort of look ain’t your style, maybe the next collection will suit you better!

And hey, speaking of styles, there are SO many to choose from. Heck, there are even a dozen+ other types of streetwear aesthetics alone that we could go for, but if you ever have anything specific you’re interested in, feel free to use the #pcd-suggestions channel to make your voice heard! While we already have the theme for our Spring 2021 collection planned, we’d potentially be open to putting future themes up to a poll if there’s enough interest. As for now, we hope you enjoy our first lifestyle collection as much as we do.

Note from gfx— I wanted to just personally say that I genuinely hope you like what I’ve put together for this collection, even if it’s not your style. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while and didn’t know where to start, and now here we are. Our merch has always been pretty typical (not necessarily in a bad way) of what you’d expect from a community like ours, and I really wanted to break out of that this time around. Sometimes it’s fun to be a walking advertisement for PAX/PCD, but that’s definitely not an everyday sort of thing. The goal was to create designs that could blend in with your everyday wardrobe, and while the Asian streetwear look isn’t the thing for everyone, that’s why we plan to have varying styles for each collection. The amount of support these get will definitely influence how many of these we end up doing, so hopefully they’re appealing enough that some of you would like to support us in one way or another. Even if that doesn’t mean picking up a shirt or hoodie, sharing it around, or even just acknowledging/giving feedback it is a huge plus. Even if this isn’t received as well as hoped, I still have plans to create new designs for Spring (and most likely Summer) at the very least. To leave you with a little something, here is a teaser for our next collection.

Discord: gfx#0001
Location: Long Island, NY