CommunityCon returns this July!


CommunityCon is returning in 2021, bigger and better than ever!


That’s right! This July we’re bringing you another free gaming convention for you to enjoy. We’ve already been planning for quite awhile and have plenty more to do, so we expect this year to be substantially bigger and better than 2020. We learned a lot from running our first event, and we’re prepared to use that knowledge, feedback, and experience to make CommunityCon 2021 as good as it can be! Since we have new resources available this year to bring CommunityCon to life, there isn’t much left to say here before pointing you elsewhere, but we will let you in on some of the new goodies that our 2021 event brings with it.

To start with, CommunityCon will be getting its own website! Here, you’ll be able to find lots more info on the event, a FAQ with many questions already answered, and of course a place to sign up to be an exhibitor, streamer, or submit a panel! This will also be the place we will be hosting an all-in-one easy to use event schedule when the time comes. The site is open now, and you can find it here!

In the interest of conserving space for all of our PAX fans in the PAX Community Discord Server, we’ve also opted to split the server off into its own instance. This will give us a lot more flexibility to add/sort channels, and give people better control over their notifications. While the Discord server will be the primary hub of the event, a small portion of it is already open and available for future attendees, exhibitors, panelists, and streamers alike. You can join the server by clicking here!

Finally, we know a lot of you follow a lot of different social media platforms, so pick your favorite to follow us on so you can keep up-to-date on what’s going to be happening during the event! Or you know, follow them all and be a super fan!

Twitter and Instagram will focus directly around news and promotions about what’s to come!
YouTube and Twitch will be used primarily during the event for streams and VODs, although we may have some fun stuff popping up on our YouTube beforehand, so drop a subscribe if you don’t want to miss out.

Hopefully you’re hyped up to see a bigger and better version of CommunityCon this year! We’re only a few short months away. We’ll see you there!

Discord: gfx#0001
Location: Long Island, NY