The Server

The PAX Community Discord started Jun 22nd, 2017 by Andeh. Back then, Discord was becoming a well-known platform for gamers to use to chat with other people in their communities: streamers, YouTubers, subreddits, and all kinds of game communities. One group sadly missing was the PAX Community. With permission from the /r/PAX Subreddit, the PAX Community Discord was started, and with it, hundreds of members had a new way to talk about PAX as a whole in real-time, something missed since the days of IRC. Once the Discord-Subreddit Community was developed, the forums started to take notice of a way to get in quick contact with each other before, during, and even after events. And thus, a PAX Community was formed on Discord!

The Staff

Community Leader
Hey! I’m Andeh, pronounced “And-eh”, or Andy, but my real name is Brandon (so call me whatever you want.) I joined Discord back in May of 2016 by recommendation from a streamer I enjoyed watching. Once I got into Discord, I started seeing how great of a community-building platform it could be. My first PAX was PAX West 2014, being brought along by a coworker and her boyfriend. I remember how amazing it felt to be in a crowded room full of gamers, and wanting to meet other people who liked what I liked. Two years later, I came back to the gaming convention and found my place meeting people between panels and hanging out with others at booths and in free-play areas.

Community Leader
Most of my time goes to school or work in some form or another, but when I’m not doing that I’m playing some video game or making some piece of art for the server. Started with just going to PAX East and have somehow been convinced to travel all over the country to go to all of them. Made lots of awesome friends along the way. At the end of the day, I’m a broke college student who uses all his spare funds to go to PAX events (and for pins). Fun times. Oh, at events I get mistaken for Andeh legit all the time. Good stuff.

Subreddit Moderator
P|PE Represents the PAX subreddits, and coordinates moderation between those communities and Discord. He spends most of his time approving your posts on /r/PAXPassExchange, the profit-free secondary market for PAX tickets. He spends the off season in hibernation deep underground, and depends on a nitrogen-rich diet. P|PEs can grow to be over 16ft long, with tusks the size of saxophones. Not typically aggressive, the P|PE is seen as a helpful, if not mischievous, spirit.

I may be on the other side of the planet, audibly crackling under the harsh Australian sun, dodging spiders, snakes and pools of vegemite, but PAX is still home, even here. I am an Enforcer for PC areas in AUS and love every moment of PAX; from the planning, show and pack down, all are happy memories each year. I started life in gaming with the humble LAN party at home. After a few frags with my friends, we decided to make our own public LAN and things just got bigger and better from there. When PAX rolled into Australia, I didn’t know what it was. I looked up a few videos and found one about Enforcers. I was hooked, and since then I’ve never looked back.



Back in 2012, I attended PAX Prime for the first time and immediately called it ‘home’ despite being on the opposite corner of the country. Since then, I’ve found myself involved in more and more parts of the PAX community, with a particular fondness for things related to Classic Console and Tabletop. I’m always excited to join a table for a game of Magic or D&D, and enjoy teaching both games when time allows. My goal within the PAX Community Discord, is to foster kindness between members and build an inclusive community to share the PAX experience with.

Since I started going to PAX at East 2010, the thing that has drawn me in the most is the community of PAX attendees. I try to help out wherever I can in a variety of PAX community groups.

Name is RJ, I also go by zRych. I’m an Enforcer for PAX and a moderator for the PAX Community Discord. I’ve been going to PAX since 2010 when East started and been to Unplugged since it’s inauguration in 2017 and I’ve been Enforcing since East 2016. I got into the PCD from it’s inception and helped them organize the PCD game night for East. After that, I became a mod and have been helping out in the server ever since.

Media Designer
I’ve always been a lover of tabletops first and foremost. Video games took a bit of a backseat, so PAX wasn’t even a consideration for me until I learned that they also had a thriving tabletop community. East 2015 was my first PAX and I was absolutely blown away by the community feel to the show. I joined up with PAX Community Discord in 2017 and wanted to give back in any way that I could. I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I saw an opportunity to use that skill to help out the community. Since then, I’ve been making pretty pixels and hopefully adding something beneficial to this place.

Jay “ZeroHourHero” Bickford
PCD Streamer
Been in and out of the game industry for the last decade, originally getting my start as a writer/community person for a gaming website. While I’ve had a lifelong love of video and tabletop gaming, it was working that brought me to the first PAX East, but the community has kept me around ever since and is my passion. I’m also a veteran, and since leaving the Army, I’ve gotten into streaming and being a dad. I’m generally found doing whatever I can to help this awesome place grow. I also volunteer in a veterans gaming charity, a mental health support charity, and work in marketing as a day job while also hosting my own stream in my free time. P.S. Hail JOOP, long may he reign.

PCD Streamer
I’ve always been interested in gaming as a young child, eventually making way towards my first PAX, PAX East, back in 2017. Since then, I’ve become much more active in the community scene as a streamer for the PAX Community Discord, and panelist at certain events.